Rabbit ECU RA2

Rabbit ECU RA2


The RA2 ECU is and updated Rabbit ECU, with an improved Rabbit ECU V1.4 PCB, and an Arduino Due controller. This is a basic ECU designed for cable throttle engines that need simple I/O such as relays. It is also an ideal piggy-back ECU, where fuel and ignition control is needed, but the OEM ECU is left for all other control.

Please note the pinout has changed slightly from the original Rabbit ECU RA1. The high-side driver is deleted, and the ignition and relay numbering has changed.

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The RA2 ECU has 8 analog inputs, 2 Hall Effect/Optical/Magnetic Reluctor inputs and CAN bus. 4 analog inputs have internal pull-up resistors. One of the remaining analog inputs is reserved for battery voltage measurement.

Software Input Options

The software options for the inputs are:

  • Crank Position Sensor
  • Cam Position Sensor
  • Air Mass Meter (frequency)
  • Air Mass Meter (analog)
  • Coolant Temperature
  • Air Temperature
  • Battery Voltage
  • Throttle Position Sensor
  • Manifold pressure Sensor
  • External Lambda Device Input


The RA2 has 4 saturated injector outputs, 8 x 12V/8V motor driver/igniter signal outputs, 8 relay drivers, oxygen sensor heater drive and CAN bus.

Software Output Options

The timed output (injector and motor/igniter) software options are:

  • injection
  • ignition
  • stepper motor drive

The relay and high-side driver output software options are:

  • logic output (e.g. TPS > 70%)
  • thermo-fan relay
  • fuel pump relay


The RA2 Windows software is MAP-MATE found here in source code and installer form.

MDAC MAP-MATE GitHub Project Source Code

MDAC MAP-MATE V1.0.1.26 Setup Password “mdac”

MDAC-MAP-MATE V1.0.1.28 Setup Password “mdac”

The RA2 Arduino firmware is found here in source code, see firmware below for the hex/bin file.


The latest firmware and accompanying A2L file can be found at the application packs page. The latest is DUE-Pack-2NR-FE-07022022.zip.

This pack is set up for 2NR-FE but you can overwrite with a calibration file customized for your engine. Please take a look at the README file to install the files in their correct locations.

You can point MAP-MATE to the correct GUI layout and A2L files in the settings menu. Also, you can edit the configuration file found at c:\MDAC\ECUHost\Config with updated paths to the A2L and GUI layout XML files.


The Rabbit ECU V1.4 PCB schematic files are as follows:

Rabbit ECU 1.4 Schematics


The Rabbit ECU RA2 pinout is as follows:

Rabbit ECU RA2 Pinout

Buy Rabbit ECU RA2

You can purchase the Rabbit ECU Arduino Complete (RA2) kit here at Tindie.


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