MAP-MATE is a C# application for Windows 7/10 with .Net framework 4.6+. There are two modes that the application runs under:

  1. Offline Mode – the application is useful for opening, viewing, editing and saving calibration files. Also, it is necessary to open the application to change communication settings between USB, CAN, Ethernet, WIFI or serial.
  2. Online Mode – the application communicates with the connected ECU/device, reading display data for text, gauge and grid display, reading calibration data and writing calibration data. Any calibration data read from or written to the ECU/device is from or to working RAM, so it is necessary to save the file either to the ECU/device or PC permanent memory at the end of a tuning session.



Calibration Image Menu

The calibration image is a collection of all programmable data in the ECU/device, as copied to RAM at start-up, and edited during a tuning session. This data is known as CHARACTERISTIC data and includes, 2D tables, 3D maps and settings.


The upload menu command starts a reading process where all calibration data is loaded into the application and displayed. It is recommended to upload at the start of a tuning session, doing so makes sure that the calibration in the ECU RAM is the same as that displayed in the application.