MAP-MATE is a C# .NET Framework based GUI application for connecting to an ECU. MAP-MATE is open-source and free for commercial use under GPL license. You can clone the GitHub repo here.


MAP-MATE has two basic functions:

  1. To communicate with the ECU and request data to be displayed in digital, analog or graphical form, and to log this data.
  2. To display the calibration data in table, map or settings form and allow this data to be modified in real-time.

The communication with the ECU is based on the CAN standard ISO14229. This enables an easy connection to the ECU over CAN. Also, the same protocol can be piped over USB for increased speed.

For CAN connection, I recommend using the excellent 8devices Korlan USB to CAN adapter.


For both open-source and regular users, you need to first download the MAP-MATE installer to have all of the libraries needed.

MDAC MAP-MATE V1.0.1.26 Setup Password “mdac”

  • Changed application close behaviour
  • Added ASAM A2L verbal conversion for measurements
  • Added 32-bit maps data
  • Added latest template automatically used
  • Added version to splash screen

MDAC MAP-MATE V1.0.1.23 Setup Password “mdac”

  •  Added ASAM A2L verbal conversion tables
  •  Changed splash screen image

MDAC MAP-MATE V1.0.1.16 Setup Password “mdac”

  • Fixed view close run-time error
  • Added auto-tune VE beta
  • Fixed file save errors
  • Added axes editor to table and curve views


MAP-MATE User Guide

MAP-MATE for Rabbit ECU V1.3 Settings, Tables and Maps help index