This page contains application packs which are firmwares to get you started on a particular engine. Just program the binary file into the controller, the calibration file is included. For Arduino Due, you can program using SAM-BA or Bossa. For Sparkdog PF and PF-DI and Sparkdog Teensy Adapter, you can use Teensy.exe from PJRC.

Make sure to point the MAP-MATE software to the A2L file that accompanies the firmware (visit Program Settings).

The password for all packs is lowercase “mdac”.

If you can’t see your engine, or just want the latest firmware, just download the latest pack and load a map for your engine into the Rabbit ECU.

Some packs are installers, others are archives. You may need to do a little browsing of the MAP-MATE file structure to manually place the extracted files into the correct locations.

In all cases, after adding the required new A2L and layout XML files, you need visit MAP-MATE settings to point them to the updated files.


GM L98 Pack – April 2019

Suzuki M15A Pack – Jan 2019

Honda Alpha-n for Teensy Adapter – Dec 2020

Toyota 2NR-FE Arduino Due – Feb 2022

Toyota 2NR-FE Arduino Due – Mar 2022