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Not everyone wants to tinker with the source code of the Rabbit DIY ECU. You don’t need to be a programmer to get your EFI project up and running easily, there are firmware binaries you can download then transfer to the Arduino Due.

This process of programming the firmware binary takes only a few minutes using just a USB cable and a free, open-source tool like Shumatech BOSSA 1.8.

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BOSSA version 1.8 is a solid alternative to other tools such as SAM-BA. All you need to program the Arduino Due for use in the Rabbit DIY ECU is a USB-micro cable.

Erasing the Arduino Due

First off I recommend erasing the Arduino Due using these steps:

  1. Power the Due through the USB-micro cable attached to the “NATIVE USB” port
  2. Hold down the erase button
  3. Press and release the reset button while continuing to hold down the erase button
  4. Release the erase button
  5. Check that the Arduino now appears in device manager as “Bossa Program Port (COM…)”

Programming the Firmware

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Follow these easy steps to program the firmware into the Arduino Due:

  1. Select the COM port that is shown in Device Manager attached the the Arduino Due
  2. Select the firmware (binary BIN form only recommended). You can find the latest firmware binaries here
  3. Select the Erase all checkbox
  4. Select the Boot to flash checkbox
  5. Press the write button
  6. Reset the Arduino Due
  7. Check in Device Manager that the Arduino Due now appears as “Communication Device Class ASF Example (COM…)

You can now mount the Arduino Due onto the Rabbit DIY ECU.

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