ECUHost is a versatile open source project platform that enables enthusiast developers to create a DIY Electronic Control Unit (ECU) at low cost. It is made up of an open source software kernel and application examples you can compile and modify yourself.

Two application examples you can find on our Git repository are an engine management controller and an AFR gauge controller.

You can run ECUHost on any ARM Cortex M project development board such as the Seeed Arch MAXArduino Due or ECUHost 1.4 PCB. Using ECUHost, enthusiast developers can concentrate on application development and leave the hard work like setting up a fuel injection timer or sending a CAN bus message to the underlying system.

ECUHost is now ported to Arduino Due! The Rabbit ECU Project gives automotive electronics enthusiasts an easy to use yet powerful platform for engine control projects.

Arduino Chevrolet L98 L67 V8 DIY Electronics

See the Arduino Due powered Rabbit ECU run an L98 V8 engine here

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