DSG DQ250   The DQ250 is in simple terms, a 6 speed manual gearbox that is automated through electro-mechanical control of the selected gear and clutch engagement. Designed by Borg Warner, it was the first automated twin-clutch gearbox used in a production car when introduced in 2003. The DQ250 has two clutches, one that engages… Read More

Sparkdog PF-DI Daughterboard for Rabbit ECU The base Rabbit ECU is an Arduino compatible ‘shield’ that makes it easy to create a DIY ECU with Arduino Due as the controller. The base Rabbit ECU can run a 4 cylinder engine with fully sequential injection and ignition and has some simple I/O to spare. This setup… Read More

ECUHost OS Some people have been asking what is ECUHost? The simple answer is ECUHost OS is an automotive DIY operating system targeted at ARM Cortex-M micros, and the ECUHost V1.4 PCB is an example hardware module for the OS to run on. The heart of the ECUHost V1.4 PCB is the NXP MK60 micro… Read More

Background Modern cars contain many electronic control units (ECUs) and they are usually connected via CAN bus. Updating the ECU firmware by CAN has been typical since the 2000’s and the CAN protocol used is generally Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS) as defined in ISO14229-1.     UDS Programming The protocol defines many services that are… Read More

GM Family 2 Engine Turbo Project     The Family II is a straight-4 piston engine that was originally developed by Opel in the 1970s, debuting in 1979. The project engine is a Holden built C18LE, a variant with 8-valves driven by an over-head cam, with a cast-iron block and alloy head. The C18LE has a compression ratio… Read More

It’s all about the airflow!   Rabbit ECU controls the fuel flow into your engine by way of first calculating the air mass flow through the intake ports. Dividing this air mass flow rate by the target AFR gives the desired fuel flow rate. This is in turn divided by engine speed and injector flow… Read More

Piggy-back Install This post is about the Rabbit ECU piggy-back install for the Commodore/Chev SS L98 engine with CAN bus. The Rabbit ECU takes full control of fuel and timing by way of a separate injector and igniter wiring harness. The OEM connectors and removed and cable-tied back to the OEM harness. There are a… Read More

Crank Triggers This post is about how sequenced outputs for injection and ignition are set up in the Rabbit ECU. For a basic install, it is very likely that the Rabbit ECU can use the stock crank trigger whether it is variable reluctance, Hall Effect or optical. A crank trigger alone can get you up… Read More

Bosch Jetronic Classic car EFI systems like Bosch Jetronic came about before micro-processors were developed for use in vehicles. Jetronic is commonly found in EFI vehicles from the early 70’s up to the mid 80’s. These systems are simple and reliable. But back in the 70’s automotive systems weren’t designed to be connected to diagnostic… Read More

Shumatec BOSSA Not everyone wants to tinker with the source code of the Rabbit DIY ECU. You don’t need to be a programmer to get your EFI project up and running easily, there are firmware binaries you can download then transfer to the Arduino Due. This process of programming the firmware binary takes only a… Read More