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MDAC WIFI Configure IP Address

Arduino Due Erase Micro-controller

Arduino Due Update Firmware with SAM-BA


Software Downloads

Note password for all downloads is LOWERCASE “mdac”

MDAC MAP-MATE V1.0.1.23 Setup Password “mdac”

  •  Added ASAM A2L verbal conversion tables
  •  Changed splash screen image

MDAC MAP-MATE V1.0.1.21 Setup Password “mdac”

  •  Added start-up log

MDAC MAP-MATE V1.0.1.20 Setup Password “mdac”

  • Database files saved as relative path in INI file
  • Improved error checking of ASAM database
  •  Improved error checking of GUI layout database
  •  Fixed region decimal comma ASAM database bug

MDAC MAP-MATE V1.0.1.16 Setup Password “mdac”

  • Fixed view close run-time error
  • Added auto-tune VE beta
  • Fixed file save errors
  • Added axes editor to table and curve views

MDAC MAP-MATE V1.0.1.16 Zipped

MDAC MAP-MATE V1.0.1.14 Setup Password “mdac”

  • Added USB connection hot-plugging
  • Removed repeat error warnings (e.g. data out of range)

MDAC MAP-MATE V1.0.1.12 Setup Password “mdac”

  • Added calibration CRC error check real-time
  • Added output logic block view

MDAC ECUHOST ASAM Generator Tool V1.0.0.1 Password “mdac”

  •  Fixed missing address for volatile keyword variables


MDAC CAN VIEW REPLAY TOOL V1.0.0.1 Setup Password “mdac”

  •  First version


Firmware Downloads


Firmware updates are now in packs with accompanying A2L file at packs page

Rabbit Due 130319 Firmware Binary Password “mdac” – L98 base maps, use MAP-MATE

Rabbit Due 301118 Firmware Binary Password “mdac” – L98 Base Maps
Rabbit Due 231018 Firmware Binary password “mdac” – C18 Engine
Rabbit Due 140118 Firmware Binary Password “mdac” – L98 Base Maps

Rabbit Due 22062020 Firmware Source Zip



MDAC Rabbit Due Open ECU Pinout

Rabbit ECU ECUHost Arduino Due Firmware Output Numbering



Rabbit ECU V1.2 Errata


GP-meter 6.0

GP-meter 6.0 Single Sensor Single Output Wiring Diagram

GP-meter 6.0 Calibration Guide

GP-meter 6.0 Sensor Interface Harness Construction Guide

GP-meter 6.0 Sensor Interface Harness Drawing


Third Party Tool Links

Atmel SAM-BA 2.16 Programming Tool Link

Shumatech BOSSA 1.8


Temp Downloads