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MDAC WIFI Configure IP Address

Arduino Due Erase Micro-controller

Arduino Due Update Firmware with SAM-BA


Software Downloads

Note password for all downloads is LOWERCASE “mdac”

MDAC MAP-MATE V1.0.1.26 Setup Password “mdac”

  • Changed application close behaviour
  • Added ASAM A2L verbal conversion for measurements
  • Added 32-bit maps data
  • Added latest template automatically used
  • Added version to splash screen

MDAC MAP-MATE V1.0.1.23 Setup Password “mdac”

  •  Added ASAM A2L verbal conversion tables
  •  Changed splash screen image

MDAC MAP-MATE V1.0.1.16 Setup Password “mdac”

  • Fixed view close run-time error
  • Added auto-tune VE beta
  • Fixed file save errors
  • Added axes editor to table and curve views

MDAC MAP-MATE V1.0.1.16 Zipped

MDAC MAP-MATE V1.0.1.14 Setup Password “mdac”

  • Added USB connection hot-plugging
  • Removed repeat error warnings (e.g. data out of range)

MDAC MAP-MATE V1.0.1.12 Setup Password “mdac”

  • Added calibration CRC error check real-time
  • Added output logic block view

MDAC ECUHOST ASAM Generator Tool V1.0.0.1 Password “mdac”

  •  Fixed missing address for volatile keyword variables


MDAC CAN VIEW REPLAY TOOL V1.0.0.1 Setup Password “mdac”

  •  First version


Firmware Downloads


Firmware updates are now in packs with accompanying A2L file at packs page

Rabbit Due 130319 Firmware Binary Password “mdac” – L98 base maps, use MAP-MATE

Rabbit Due 301118 Firmware Binary Password “mdac” – L98 Base Maps
Rabbit Due 231018 Firmware Binary password “mdac” – C18 Engine
Rabbit Due 140118 Firmware Binary Password “mdac” – L98 Base Maps

Rabbit Due 22062020 Firmware Source Zip



MDAC Rabbit Due Open ECU Pinout

MDAC Rabbit Sparkdog PF ECU Pinout

Rabbit ECU ECUHost Arduino Due Firmware Output Numbering



Rabbit ECU V1.2 Errata


GP-meter 6.0

GP-meter 6.0 Single Sensor Single Output Wiring Diagram

GP-meter 6.0 Calibration Guide

GP-meter 6.0 Sensor Interface Harness Construction Guide

GP-meter 6.0 Sensor Interface Harness Drawing


Third Party Tool Links

Atmel SAM-BA 2.16 Programming Tool Link

Shumatech BOSSA 1.8


Temp Downloads