Windows Software – Installing the latest MDAC MAP-MATE Calibration Tool

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To install the latest MDAC MAP-MATE software, visit the software downloads section at the Support Documents page.


MDAC MAP-MATE Calibration Tool User Guide

MAP-MATE User Guide


Installing the ATMEL USB driver for Arduino Due

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  1. If the USB driver installed automatically by Windows doesn’t work (MAP-MATE doesn’t show ONLINE), watch this video,
  2. If you are using Windows 10 and driver signing is enforced, you won’t be able to update the driver until you reboot into advanced start-up mode.
  • Select settings (type “settings” at the window menu)
  • Click on Update & Security
  • Click on Recovery
  • Click on Advance Startup Restart Now button
  • After re-boot, select Advanced Options
  • After re-boot, select Disable Driver Enforcement
  • Try to install the driver as shown in the video


GP-meter 6.0 Construction Videos

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MDAC GP-meter 6.0 Quick Construction Guide (for Tindie DIY kit)

MDAC GP-meter 6.0 Construction Guide (for low-cost DIY kit)

MDAC GP-meter 6.0 Basic Harness Construction Guide

MDAC GP-meter 6.0 Sensor Interface Harness Construction Guide

MDAC GP-meter 6.0 Construction Part 1

MDAC GP-meter 6.0 Construction Part 2

MDAC GP-meter 6.0 Construction Part 3



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