The current ECUHost® version is “PCB 1.4”, which has the following core hardware features:

  • 120 MHz Freescale ARM Cortex M4 microprocessor with -40C to 105C range
  • 512k program Flash, 32k EEPROM, 128k RAM
  • Integrated 100 Mbps Ethernet controller (WIFI optional)
  • Integrated USB and SD-Card
  • 2 x CAN connections
  • Automotive grade switched-mode voltage regulator
  • Up to 58  general purpose I/O channels
  • Up to 37 analog input channels
  • Up to 20 timed I/O channels

ECUHost PCB 1.4 Pinout

The current OS Kernel “M&M” which features:

  • CAN connection PBL/SBL combo for Kernel and user application downloading
  • 1ms tick Multitasking with Threading support
  • Services for –
  1. Task creation
  2. Resource initialization
  3. Table management and interpolation
  4. GPIO
  5. Timed input and output
  6. Analog input and output
  7. NVM buffer of calibration data
  8. Bus transfers to peripherals

Source Code Sample